About us



Sunrise Social Development Foundation  is a Christian local Public Benefit Organization (Non- Governmental organization), which was founded in December 2003 and registered as a Children Charitable Institution in July 2007.



The Sunrise Social Development Foundation {S.S.D.F.} has established several projects, the most common is Sunrise Children’s Home, Kabarnet to care for and support the most needy and desperate orphaned, abandoned, and other vulnerable children.

This project was officially launched and dedicated to the Glory of God on 22nd December 2003.The home admitted the first 6 children in January 2004. It was further officially registered in March 2007 by the Department of Children’s Services in the government of Kenya as a charitable children institution to deal with children issues under certificate number CDEN 000031.
Our Mission

To improve the living standard and welfare of orphans, abandoned and vulnerable children through provision of care and support services.

Our Values

Christ-Centered Biblical Authority Educational Empowerment Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing Compassionate Service Community Impact

Our Vision

To give orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children basic foundation in order to arise and Shine for the glory of God (Biblical Reference: Isaiah 60:1-2)

Our Objectives

  • To champion the rights of children by establishing a model children’s home to cater to all the needs of the orphaned, desperate, and needy children.
  • To free them from the bondage of poverty and danger by accessing them the best education and supporting them through to the university level.
  • Providing them with counseling, spiritual nurture, and responsible upbringing.