Our Services

The Problem

Every day kids in Kenya are abandoned, abused, or orphaned because of poverty, disease, or death of family.

The CDC estimates 50% of all Kenyan children experience physical, emotional, or sexual violence. Abuse and abandonment are multifaceted issues in Kenya, with common causes stemming from severe poverty, intergenerational trauma, mental illness, and cultural stigmas surrounding children with disabilities or born from incest. For example, twins and children born with disabilities are considered a curse and are discarded.

As a result, it is estimated there are more than 3.6 million Kenyan children under the age of 18 have been orphaned or are vulnerable.

Some kids are left alone to starve, living in squalor because nobody can afford to feed them, leaving them critically malnourished. Others were found by neighbors after being dumped in outdoor latrines, barely alive. These children have no hope for a future unless someone intervenes.  That’s why we exist.

What we do

Our Solutions


Children's RIghts

Fighting for the rights of the children from the exploitation in the society such as child labor and child abuse

Capacity Building

Some of these children have either relatives, guardians or foster parents but most importantly,

Care and Support

Providing care & support to orphans, abandoned & vulnerable children in the society by providing love,

Quality Education

In conjunction with major education stakeholders ensures the children get access to quality education

Spritual Support

Providing counseling, spiritual nurturing to enable the Children have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ

Environmental Conservation

Ensuring the environment does not deteriorate in quality and the restoreration of environment